Class Descriptions


The ultimate cross-training workout, where we combine drills and muscle conditioning to improve cardio, muscular endurance and agility. Fast paced, high intensity workouts are completed in a short periods of time that will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat. 

Strength Training

Unlike other BDHQ classes, at Strength Training we slow things down a bit for proper form and technique. Led by kineseologist Gavin Bourdon, you will go through traditional strength training exercises for a challenging and effective workout.  A great workout to add if you go to lots of high intensity classes. Take advantage of Gavin's experience and education if you have injuries you may need to work around.     


This combination of killer spin with intervals of body weight exercises, kettlebells and more. If you don't like too long on a spin bike, this is for you. Bring a towel; you'll need it!

The Drill at BDHQ with DJ Anger

This 75 minute workout utilizes the whole studio for a workout like no other!  Circuit set-up full of plyometrics, TRX, kettlebells, tires, cardio drills, agility exercises and lots more.  This will be your hardest workout of the week!  High energy circuit training at its best with live bumpin' tunes from DJ Anger.


The Drill at BD24hr with DJ Anger



50 minutes of sweaty, high intensity spin. You sit, stand, sprint, climb and never look at a stationary bike the same. 


Utilize both strength and cardiovascular conditioning for one power packed hour of fun with kettlebells.

Cardio Burnout

Half spin class, half tire training - BDHQ’s newest interval training class.  Get your cardio and strength workout done over lunch.  All levels welcome.

BD24hr Urban Bootcamp 

Interval training gets your heart pumping in this fun circuit class.  You'll be sweating head to toe and work every muscle in between.              

The Hustle

This is 50 minutes of action packed total body conditioning.  Plyometrics, drills, calisthenics….zero choreography with huge results.  The same as The Drill, but a shorter workout.

BD24hr Yoga

Regular yoga practice brings you strength, flexibility and mobility and increased breath capacity. Use it on its own as a complete mind-body workout, or add it to your existing routine of cardio and strength classes. As cross training, yoga gives you more mobility to allow you to access your full power, increases flexibility to reduce the chance of injury, and makes your body more efficient at using oxygen to help you lift, push, pull, spin, jump and run longer, higher, more and faster. Also ideal for stress reduction, increasing circulation and generally chilling out overactive minds.


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